Apoc Graffiti started in the fall of 2013 as a literary experiment, and has become a full-fledged story over time. The question I initially asked myself was if it would be possible to carry on some kind of narrative using the confines of Twitter- being limited to short messages of 140 characters. What came to me was a variation on journal entries, in the form of short messages left along a journey. Thus was born Sam Knoxville, one of the last survivors of the Flash, an instant Apocalypse that seems to cover the whole continent. Sam is something of a compulsive vandal- scratching, inking, and painting every little thought and observation on walls, benches, and other surfaces. Each short line in this story is one of those messages. So enjoy the chapters here, and once you've caught up, be sure to follow @ApocGraffiti on Twitter for the continuous story. Have fun!

- Malcolm

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Year Two

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