Chapter 8: Heading North


Found a bike. I gotta head north before the heat, and I can't wait around for a dog. I'm packing up and leaving.

If you're here, please check on this dog. Left a bag of Purina and a bin of water. She's a chocolate lab, well behaved. Her name is Dallas.

Damn it.

Come on dog, we gotta keep walking.


It's like Lawrence of Arabia out here. With a dog. In PA.

I swear this dog judges me when I smoke.


I would kill for pizza. I would meet another survivor, then sacrifice them.


At least Dallas is pretty well behaved. She hasn't barked yet.


When I woke up this morning Dallas was gone. No trace. I don't have any points in tracking skill, so that's all I know.

Did a couple walks around the block. No dog. She probably found her old gang. It's better this way.

Don't have to carry any more dog food. That's good, right?

I just hope she didn't get eaten by a Flash mutant.

Here, doggy.

Maybe if I light a fire, she'll see me and come back. No, she hates fire.


Dallas showed up, dragging a rabbit. What am I gonna do with that?

Already back and just whining.

I found a pile of fireworks, but Dallas would only start peeing in terror. She never lets me do what I want.


Found an old school bike with a sidecar. Me and dog are heading north. Please work.

This thing runs great. Who needs a Ninja when you have a classy vehicle like this?


Riding a bike will cool you down a lot. Dallas is dog smiling from the sidecar.

Not a bad day. It's almost like there aren't miles of wrecked cars.

Erie 20 If the lake is evaporated, I'll be pissed.

LAKE ERIE Heads up, two Great Lakes virgins soaked in sweat.

The shore is COVERED with fish bones. Guess the Flash went deeper, too. Ah, cool water.


I miss my dad.


We smell like fish after another lake dip. Even with the lake the heat is unbearable. North more.

End of the world Paperboy. You'll need: newspapers, logs, frisbees, etc, a motorcycle. Try and get the objects in car windows as you pass.


Buffalo 45 Man, that's a lot of buffalo.

May as well head up to Niagara Falls since we're this close. Hey, maybe the Flash never crossed the border.


WELCOME TO CANADA Everyone here got wiped oat, too, eh?

What are the Canada musts? I can only think of food that's rotten by now.

Gave myself a haircut in a barbershop. Saved a lot of tourist markup, but I don't look great.

Dallas seems to still like me, though.


The Canadian Falls are cooler.

Holy crap, the Maid of the Mist flipped over.


Trying to figure out the exchange rate from unlimited money to unlimited money x 1.25.

Dallas keeps staring at me like she wants Red Bull when I'm having it. But you can't give that to a dog. There's no way. Right?


I still want to keep heading west, but u might need to go north more to beat the heat.

End of the world decision making (Canadian edition): flip a coin, only it has a loon on it, eh?

Toronto it is.


I don't mind admitting this dog's growing on me. Almost as good as a cat.

I'm changing my class in Apocalypses & Agoraphobes to Beastmaster.

I've been weapon training for a bit, but what does Dallas know? I need a book on K9 training. In case of mutants.


Toronto is pretty cool. Wish I had come here when everyone was walking around.

Not a living soul for kilometers.


It's a ruff life.

Dallas is scratching in the dirt. I wonder if she had the same story as me, leaving dog messages for the other dogs out there.


Apoc Cola: it's warm, but it's free.

ApocFlix. I will deliver any movie you want to your mailbox. Only ten packs of Marb reds/mo. Must provide your own DVD player and power.


Con: bees survived the Flash, and they like Coke as much as you, if not more. Pro: no one but your dog is around to see you cry.

End of the world checkers. You'll need: a little cooperation from your dog. Just push the piece. Put it down! Don't eat that! Put it-!


May I recommend Brazil as a cute little coffee shop in Toronto. I would not drink the milk, however.


Ugh. There's an Avengers 3 bluray just sitting here unopened.

Have yet to find a public pool without bodies in it.


If the Flash had happened 100 years ago, there might've been no one left. No one in planes or bomb shelters. But then again, I'm still here.

Checking out this art museum. Sara would dig these 16th century Dutch princess paintings.

Heat's picking up again. Toronto is cool, but gotta go norther. I'll bring Sara back here some day.

I saw a punch bug three months ago, but I haven't found anyone to punch.


Hey, this is Dallas. I've been watching Sam long enough to learn how to use a spray paint can. Sam is the best.

I love feeling the wind from the sidecar, but Sam is a terrible driver. I fear for my life. -Dallas

I got nervous on the road and peed in the sidecar. I am very sorry. -Dallas

I may have a bladder problem sometimes, but you smell like cigarettes 24/7. That's 168/49 in dog time. -Dallas

Maybe you could stop drawing sunglasses on poster people and pet me once in a while. Dog dammit! -Dallas

Ok, I'm taking the spray paint back. Not liking your attitude.


Had a dream that Sara died. I keep telling myself the Flash only got as far as Kansas. She's probably having breakfast with my mom in CA.

Found a fruit stand full of all rotten stuff. This orange is the new black.


I've never been in canada for the 4th of July. Do you guys do anything up here?


Couldn't find fireworks anywhere. Hope you're sorey aboat that, Canada.

MAXIMUM SPEED 100 KPH I don't know how fast I'm going in Canadian.


It's dry as a post-apocalyptic bone, but the heat is finally bearable. The equator must be murder right now.

Moose crossing? Man I don't think I could fight a moose.

I've still got my shotgun, but I don't know what that does against a moose. Nothing against a Flash mutant moose with acid breath.

Dallas won't stop whining. Gotta find some dog food.

Found a quaint little b&b for the night. And they have dog breakfast.

They have a Mountie themed room. It's so tacky. I love it.

The guy next door in the Pine Room is being dead quiet. Ha.


Calm down, dumb dog. Not everyone wants to play all the time.


How to play end of the world fetch: DON'T. IT WILL NEVER STOP.


Had a dream I was back in New York running from the crazies. They would never come up here.

What's a Tim Hortons?


Just found a huge Labatt brewery. I think it's time for a field trip.

Cheers, dog. My behavior will confuse you after a few of these.

Dallas is so cute.

This beer isnt very god