Chapter 7: The Storm


It's unbelievably hot. Must be close to the volcano world.

Bike overheated and just won't start. I'm walking to some shade to wait the afternoon out.

Lot of dust kicking up, too. In the Northeast, for Odin's sake.


I had a dream hundreds of people were reading my messages and laughing. How horrible.

Any minute now, a SWAT van will drive up and save me from this nightmare. I'd even be glad to see a clown car.


Very strong wind. Dead traffic lights swing sadly. A newspaper blows by. Desert ghost town.

I know everything's dead and all, but it's... quieter than usual. Does that make sense?

There's a faint noise carrying on the wind. A cry? A scream?

I can't believe it. A pack of ten or more dogs just ran down Main Street. I haven't seen one since the Flash, and here's a pack.

All different breeds, just booking it. I hopped in this car and waited. They might be the only creatures left, but I still don't like dogs.

The sky's getting grey and the wind is really picking up. Are we getting our first rain??

The air tastes... dirty. I'm sticking with that.

Oh my god. Just barely survived.

I couldn't tell what it was at first, but the whole horizon looked strange. Then it got closer. A full sandstorm. Like, biblical.

I just made it into this basement. I can feel the whole house shaking. Can hear glass breaking endlessly.

First the Flash and now this. Is this the second plague or horseman or whatever?

Crap. One of those dogs got in upstairs.

Crap. I left Flashbringer and my guns in the car outside. Crap crap crap.

The dog started coming down the basement steps, but I threw a screwdriver in that direction and it left.

Throwback Thursday. Remember when there was no unholy sandstorm or rabid dogs, and everyone wasn't dead?

Sand is still rattling the house. Dishes are breaking above me and it's humid as hell. Well maybe not that bad.

The dog finally came downstairs. I've thrown everything I have, and have yelled, but it only retreats a few steps and comes back.

No collar, skinny looking. Just sitting in the corner at the moment. It's going to give me a disease.

Upstairs must be unsurvivable right now.


The dog spent the night in the corner. He didn't seem interested in attacking me, but I did not sleep well.

The storm outside is still going strong. On the upside, sounds like all the remaining glass is broken.

I felt bad and poured a paper plate of dog food. I'll just keep on my toes til I can get out of here.

There's only bags of Doritos and cans of Coke down here. Ugh. Diet.

I'm just playing this kid's Crossfire game while the dog licks himself.

Is there anybody going to listen to my story

All about the dog who came to stay?

Last person on earth and a dog trapped in a basement. I'd think this was the Twilight Zone if everything wasn't in color.

Ok, this dog doesn't have a penis. Bitch.

Wind is still howling above ground. I'm 20 miles from Pittsburgh, not in the Sahara.

Have spent the whole day in the basement. I tried bouncing a tennis ball Great Escape style, but the dog keeps taking it.

By now the dog and I have both pooped inside, no toilet. Not sure if she's up to my level or I'm down to hers.

The storm seems to have stopped, but there's a big pile of sand blocking the door.

Another night.


Finally beat down the door with a crowbar. All the windows are shattered and there's mini sand dunes indoors.

The streets are a mess. Paint is peeled off cars and windows are gone. I would have died.

It's hot as hell out here and it's not even June yet. I've got to get somewhere cooler before it gets worse.

This dog's been following me for 3 blocks now. Go away.

I feel a little better after grabbing my sword and guns, but it's still awful out.

Get outta here, dog.


I'm going to have to head north for the summer or I won't survive. Sara, you'll have to wait a little longer, honey.


I'm walking to see if I can find a parking garage or something that has a bike that wasn't wrecked by the sand. Dog is following me.

We took a break to pant under an overhang. I miss when trees had leaves.

Not sure which way the storm is moving. If I walk into it again, I'm screwed.

Most of these bodies were stripped by sand. Gross.

End of the world parcheesi: you never knew how to play before, why start now?

Dog stole my yellow paint can. I am THIS close.


Broke into a pet store for some dog food because SOMEONE wouldn't shut up:

I've got to get the dog back to its pack or whatever so it stops following me. I'm in a horrifying Disney movie.

Me and slobber are hanging out in a kiddie pool full of Fiji water. All this smelly dog needed was to get wet.

I'm not naming it. Not even a lame name that sticks. Dog must go.


Found one bicycle that wasn't all bent to hell. Stupid dog is trotting behind me like an idiot. It'll give up.

What is this thing, anyway? Lab? Chocolate lab?

A chocolate lab would be a magical place.

That's enough exercise for the month. Bikes suck. Motel camp out.

Dog stays outside.

Fine if you're gonna WHINE you can just come in. But there's no TV or anything.


Dog's gaining a little weight from the dog food. Was she just nibbling on people and garbage for six months?

Do NOT eat dog food. Not even close to Chex mix.


Dog freaked out when I tried to light a fire. Guess it's cold canned food tonight.