Chapter 6: Leveling Up


Packing to hit the road. Only carrying what fits on a bike.

Food, water, Swiss army, zippo, smokes, Red Bull for the road.

My Glock is safe in my holster. I'm gonna bungee my shotgun and my katana to the side.

I'm leaving Flash Mutants, vol. 1. It'll just get tattered on the road. If you made it this far, survivor, please enjoy.


Man, it's hot out. Like summer.


My first day away from all the free clothing I could want and I tear my shirt.

It's just hot and dry on the road. And I'm constantly driving off the road to avoid pileups. Kind of what you'd expect.


Cinco de solo.

I never used to do anything but drink for Cinco, but it's Mexico hot outside, and I could be the only North American celebrating.

End of the world piƱata: Smash Mercedes headlights with baseball bat, loot vodka from trunk.

Still can't do vodka.




I don't know how to siphon gas. So I guess I'm leapfrogging bikes across the state.

Hey, this truck has a gas can in the back. Thanks, dead hick.

No one around. There's a tractor trailer with the car ramp lowered and I seriously considered jumping it. Gotta reign it in.


Stopping at this one level ranch to beat the heat. I can't even be out too long after noon.

Small family lived here. Must have been out at a soccer game or something. There are several jugs of clean water!

This room is almost covered in bookshelves. I'm writing on the fourth wall. Hope someone reads this.


Spray it, don't say it.

End of the world Xbox. Fill a cardboard box with fireworks, cover in gasoline. Light long fuse. Ex-box.


I want to keep heading west, but it's sweltering. I'm just sitting in this basement with a wet towel.

Sara- I hope it's not hot where you are. I hope there was no Flash at all. Maybe this is all just my dream.

Found the liquor cabinet.


Just realized air hockey is over forever. And real hockey if this heat never goes away.

It's Mother's Day weekend. Wherever my mom is, she probably still thinks I hang out with the wrong crowd. Guess I'll celebrate alone.


I miss music. Hell, if I met musicians I'd even settle for some unplugged crap.

All the grass is brown. Went all the way through a snowless winter, and now no rain. When you think end of the world, you don't picture this


End of the world hide and seek: you're winning.

End of the world tag: you're losing.


Found a shallow, muddy, gross pool. I thought about a swim. Briefly.

Harley died.

Guess I'm walking along the road til I can find another vehicle. Not til the sun goes down a little.

Guns are heavy.

Motel 666


Found a spare bike. See if I can make some more headway. PA is huge.

Just saw a live deer! First non roadkill since the Flash! Adorable.


Out of gas. Don't know how I missed that. Middle of the highway.

3 miles to a gas station. Or less if I find another bike.

This whole thing is a crappy fetch quest. Walk here, get item, walk back. Won't get much XP for this.

No random encounter monsters yet. I'm probably too low level for anything but giant Flash rats.

My life could totally be some nerd's role playing game. Apoc setting, guns and a samurai sword, lots of travel.

Yeah, I'm in an rpg. Apocalypses & Agoraphobes.

So I'm a level 1 ranger, with no skills or special abilities.

And how do you choose your alignment when laws and morality are back in the Stone Age? I guess I'm neutral no matter what.

Gas can achieved. +5 xp.


Time for my first dungeon in A&A. Searching this grocery store for canned stuff.

Almost shot the crap out of a cardboard Mr. Peanut.

Stocking up on some Red Bull potions and some matches for campfires.


Scouting this alleyway for loot. If this dumpster is a mimic, I'm screwed.

I need party members. I don't have the strength to move heavy stuff and the wisdom not to eat expired food.

Successfully cooked canned chili. +10 xp.


Skinned my knee and got a bunch of gravel in there. I need a party healer. Sara would be great for this.

What skill to learn for my next level: bike repair or orienteering.


It's been months, but I can finally see dead bodies and not think anything of it. I just leveled up.

Apocalypses & Agoraphobes is tough with one player. It's me walking.


Pennsylvania is a desert world.


My faithful steed is suffering in the heat. I see an auto parts store down the strip.

Second dungeon is this auto parts store. I have my motorcycle manual and my shotgun. I hope there aren't wolves chewing on former employees.

Got a shopping cart full of everything I could need. Time to learn basic mechanics in the shade.


Samurai I am.

This is my paint can. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


All the best swords have names.

I'm calling my sword Flashbringer.

Most fantasy swords are enchanted with an element. I choose hydrogen.