Chapter 5: The Mall


Worst night of my life.

My escape plan went awful. Henry had another psych eval last night. Way more probing questions. Why so paranoid? Do I always talk to myself?

I felt pretty panicky. I asked why all the questions. He said that the Flash left some people mentally unstable and dangerous.

He said not to worry and we'd talk again. But as I was going back to my room, two of the biker guys started to follow me. I panicked and ran

They followed me to the edge of Planetown, then started shooting at me. Not a good feeling. I didn't stop running til sunrise.

I left my gun in my room. And my diary. They better not flip through it and analyze me more. Shouldn't have told them where my apartment is.

Can't keep writing on walls and leaving a clear trail for them to follow. I'm getting out of the city. They'll burn it all down eventually.

Sara, I'm ok for now. I'm coming to you, honey. Sit tight.

End of the world Frogger- Difficulty: Easy. Simply walk between the broken-down cars.



Slept in an Escalade on the GW bridge. Would've been a nice car before all this.

I thought I heard motorcycle engines in the distance. Reminded me to look for a bike, then maybe to wait and avoid the noise.


Sam I sure as hell am

Grabbed a gun and some ammo out of a cop car. I'll have to line up some blu rays later for target practice.

I hope Elise is gonna be ok with those maniacs. What a nice girl.


More burning building nightmares, but all's quiet on the streets. I'm lonely.

Smoke on the water. I'm smoking by the water.

Now leaving Manhattan island. Good riddance.


WELCOME TO NEW JERSEY- THE GARDEN STATE Out of the frying pan, into the crap hole.

Shooting's getting a little better. I can shoot the apple off an iPhone at 20 feet.


Gas prices, smash prices

Back to motels on the strip and pizza flavored Combos.


You know you're in a crap hole when you start seeing stores called Karate and Tattoo.

NO LITTERING- $150 FINE (I dropped $150)



My red paint is running low. I see a Home Depot down the road.


A handy person could build a sweet base with all these tools. Maybe get a car working again and get out of here. Instead it's just me.

Why didn't a scientist survive and discover what the Flash was? Or an athletic specimen with a huge IQ that can start repopulating?

All I've got is art that no one sees and skills tied to lifeless electronics. I can't even cook.

I'm gonna go throw hammers at the sample windows.

Hey, a newsstand. Let's see what was going on in November.

Did the world seriously end a whole five months ago?


The world is my blog.




Welcome to Oak Spring Mall Sara- I know you love shopping. I'll loot you something nice

These Mcdonalds burgers look exactly the same five months old. That can't be good.

I know there's dead bodies everywhere, but the weirdest part about this is no mall music.

I think I'm gonna spend two days in the bookstore. There's so much I need to start learning.

I should've finished my graphic novel.

This mattress store is not bad. Maybe Macy's has blankets.


Working my way through motorcycle repair, cooking, wilderness survival, and navigation. And the Far Side.

Taking a fashion break and swapping my clothes for all clean stuff. Who says you can't wander among car wrecks and corpses AND look good?

Found some great looking boots. This is about as girly as I get.

Bally Fitness- New member special: one month free after clearing out the bodies

Maybe I could get fit for once. I should be able to throw a good punch at survivor cultists and Flash mutants.

The first step: go back and read about it.


Day one hitting the heavy bag. Knuckles are pretty raw. Oh hey, gloves!

Ugh. Mall rats.

Can barely lift my arms to read about home economics sans power.

My hair's getting long.


So sore

Eastern Garden Gifts I wonder if there's a Flash survivor in China looking through baseball jerseys and Simpsons posters right now.

I'm taking this samurai sword.

This sword is pretty blunt. Guess I gotta find a book on sharpening. I miss google.

End of the world Monopoly: Life size edition. You own all the buildings within miles. Wander aimlessly and collect as much cash as you wish.


Today is training day. I've set up mannequins around the mall. Hollister shirts are hostages. H&M hoodies are terrorists.

Grabbed a shotgun from a cop car, so looking forward to trying that out, too.

Only wounded two hostages. I think I kept pretty good cover. The shop windows are shattered. B+

Not sure how I can train if there are ever Flash mutants. Just gotta stay sharp.

Well, I broke my shoulder from the shotgun.


Today would have been the easiest Easter egg hunt ever. You can smell them a mile away.

Happy twen forty.


Reading a book on samurai swords. I wanna get good with this thing. You never know.

Back to hitting the bag again. Next time a lunatic tries to set me on fire, he's gonna get a boxing glove shape out the back of his head.


Found a Jillian Michaels weight training book for women. That'll get me in shape, right?


Sore all over. And that's just from using the pink weights.

Started sketching with charcoals again. Haven't done that since high school.

Drew a new character. Some kind of Flash mutant with cool powers. I think I've got something, here.

She's an Asian chick, former college student, forced to adapt to an apocalypse and her new powers of... freezing. Ice powers are classic.

Drew the katana easy enough. Black hair, glasses. I was never able to draw boobs.


Finished my first comic book cover. Flash Mutants: vol 1. Will soon be available wherever books are stolen.


How did flies and rats make it, while I had to bury my dad?

The little trees in the mall parking lot are seriously withered. We're in like a biblical drought.


Went over to the hardware store to borrow an axe sharpener. My samurai sword will be the real deal.

Ok so I can get my katana 1/3 of the way into a mannequin's neck. That'll work.

I have now tried every tent in Dick's. I'm sure they're all fine for resisting weather, but none have reduced loneliness so far.




No reason to go into Victoria's Secret.

All these mall cop scooters got wiped by the Flash. I feel like I'm really missing out.

It's weird but I... tried on a dress. Why not, right? It was actually comfortable.


Almost done writing my comic book. I'm leaving the Flash mutants mostly in the shadows for effect. It's the shark effect.

End of the world Twister: Right foot, forward ten inches. Left foot, forward ten inches. Keep it up. This is your life.

Hauling water from the restrooms to water these dying shrubs. I've literally taken over for the weather.


As the default Surgeon General of America, I say: smoke more.

Another day of training, this time shooting cups off mannequin's heads. Some of them... didn't make it.


Mom would be furious if she knew I was playing with guns, didn't have a job, and spent all my time in a mall.

I didn't check with her before getting my r2d2 tattoo, though, did I?


My first graphic novel is done. Great reviews so far. Not able to ship anywhere, though, so you'll have to come pick it up.

I've gotten cozy again. I like these top of the line mattresses and the endless wine from the restaurants, but I've gotta keep moving.

Sorry I spilled a bottle of Cab on the Sealy, by the way.

There's a nice Harley I've been playing around with parked outside the cinema entrance. I'll gas it up tonight and head out in the morn.

TRANSFORMERS 6: DESTRUCTION MACHINE Man, I really missed out on a lot.