Chapter 4: Area 154


I gotta go find my Valentine.



Wait. It's still in the 50s out here.

Oh my God. It's ash.

Gross. It reeks outside. Like burning flesh.

There's a huge column of black smoke like 10 blocks away. Maybe we have a new Apocalypse Pope.

Guess I better start walking if I wanna check this out in daylight. Mouth bandana is a must.

WELCOME TO THE LOST CITY- AREA 154 More fresh graffiti? Who is writing this stuff?

It's literally a pile of burned bodies. If you're reading this, I guess you can see that.

It would take one person ages to do this.

THE UNWORTHY Ok, this is creeping me out.

People! Like 15 of them! Not dead either!

I came across these guys, they call themselves Clan 154. I guess that was the flight number of a plane they were all on during the Flash.

Apparently they landed safe and sound, and started creating a new life here, just like me. They call this part of the city Area 154.

I met with this guy Henry, their leader. He's gonna get me some food and then we can swap stories. I think I'm gonna be ok. :)

But if you happen to be taking a dump in this stall some day, and I got cannibalized, you'll know why.

This chick Maria from the plane. She can totally cook. Made some trout or something for me. I didn't even used to like fish.

They set me up in this room for the night so I don't have to hike back to the apt. Good night, NYC. I'm not alone in the world.


Woke up with a start in the middle of the night. Must be sleeping in a new place.

Spent the morning getting to know the gang from the plane. Seem nice enough. There's this really pretty girl named Elise. Reminds me of Sara

Henry wants to take me out to the plane this afternoon. Guess the airport is in walking distance.


Dear Diary, I'm relying on you for a while. Don't wanna write all over the walls of the only people in the world. Let's do this. Love Sam

These guys are riding motorcycles around! I didn't even know they worked! First time riding was not bad.

They set up kind of a shrine around the plane with flowers and banners. Small pile of stuff from loved ones.

Another home-cooked fish meal. I guess some of the group catch these every day. I'll take any hot food I can get. I'll stick around for now

Tomorrow they're going to have this doctor give me a checkup. Handy that there was a doctor on the plane.


Living is easy with eyes closed

Dear diary, I hate diaries. Nobody can read what I write.

Have been working with these guys for the past two days. They're working on getting all the cars to the curb, at least in Planetown.

Henry told me they were the ones gathering up the bodies and burning them. They don't want any diseases spreading.

Passed my first free checkup. Glad the Doc takes my insurance.


Slow dancing in a burning room

Slipped out of Planetown to do some good wall art. Don't want to counteract the civic improvements with dick sketches.

Turns out back in the world, Henry was a psychologist. Psychiatrist? I never remember. He gave me a psych evaluation today.

I guess they want to make sure my post-Flash noodle checks out. Also was wondering how I managed to survive. You and me both, Doc.

Henry wants to know how long I've been writing on walls. Don't try to get in my head, man.

The Doc- Mark, the medical doctor, played guitar with us by the fire after dinner. These guys don't know a lot of Beatles, though.


Henry led a team of guys through an apartment building to clean out the rotting bodies for burning. I played guitar poorly for two kids.

Painting some benches and bus stops in Planetown. Their team colors are blue and red- from the plane logo. So now everything clashes.


Started a mural at my new apartment here. Elise came in and told me she liked it. I think she likes me.

I think I'll take one of the bikes with saddlebags and go pick up my stuff from the old fort soon. May as well move in here for good.

Ed, from the plane, thinks Come Together is the most overrated pop song ever. I really can hate someone even if they're the last on earth.


Elise brought me a pbj while I was cleaning up trash in the street. She laughed at my joke, too.


Judge Dredd aka the doc keeps shooting me dirty looks every time I light up. And apparently even Red Bull is the worst thing ever.

Walked down by the river with Elise for a while. She held my hand the whole way back.


A wall of scratch offs/ Just another way to have/ Useless currency

The group figured out that bikes were still working, but no one's cracked the code on hot water around here.


It's almost spring and I haven't seen a single snowflake. That's scary as hell.

Clan 154 is using their survival in reverse. If being in a plane avoided the Flash, maybe there are survivors or electronics in basements.

I'm not going in any sewers, though. You know there will be Flash mutants down there.


A guy hurt his leg yesterday, so I've been deemed worthy of basement patrol. Yeah, let's cram underground with rotting bodies.

We found a radio that could very well be working.


I've been promoted to radio duty. Nailed the on switch, but the rest of the day has been static failure.


Two visitors while I screw around with the radio. Elise to share fresh fish tacos and Henry to tell me to stop smoking and keep trying.

I'd be happy to even pick up sports announcers at this point.


Henry and some others came back to Planetown smelling like campfires and looking a little sooty. Must've been burning more bodies.

One guy had a nasty gash on his arm- says he got caught on a sharp edge.

All this work and eating real cooked food has me feeling much less sluggish during the day. I don't think I like it.


The doc gave me another evaluation today. Maybe checking me out for PTSD or whatever. Not even bringing up Sara for him to dissect.



A miracle! Picked up La Vie en Rose on the radio. Don't know what good a French song from the 40s does us, though.

The French song has looped five times now, no announcements or ads in between. This is not being curated.


Neither Elise or I know French, but we did dance to the radio.

Elise's mom came back from laundry detail and definitely shot me a killer look. Flash's kill way more people than second hand smoke, lady.

Still can't believe I'm keeping a journal. These walls look so boring.

I know it's the first recorded song I've heard in months, but this is driving me nuts.

Henry said if I'm gonna turn the radio off and just sit there, I may as well help clean. I feel like I'm working at the supermarket again.


Et tu, Brute?


I don't own anything green, but I don't see the Plane stiffs going along with St. Party's, anyway.

It's weird that I've been around people for a month.


I'm only a quarter Irish, but I think that's worth taking a bike back to the apartment to drink.

Henry says it's too dangerous to leave Planetown. What do you think I was doing for 3 months before you guys?

My lucky charm is on the other side of the country.


More grilling about where I was during the Flash. They don't need to know that I was high at the time. And that I was sitting at home.

I don't know if it's my biology or what. But I wasn't in a plane or a bomb shelter.

The biker branch of Planetown just rolled in from a road trip. They've been scouting for other survivors. Why are they carrying guns?


On this last trip the bikers went all the way up to Maine. Same story all the way.

I'm not getting straight answers around here, so I got Elise involved. She said the bikers go around making sure Chosen are safe.

"Chosen", dear diary, are the folks on the plane, and anyone else that was protected from the Flash. So who do you protect survivors from?


Henry said some people survived the Flash... unnaturally. Whether they were insane before or their minds got messed up, they're dangerous.

That crazy woman I saw last month. Would she have attacked me?

I'm gonna have trouble sleeping again. Just like before.


Rock is dead. So is techno. Yet this one guy hung on to an out of tune banjo.

Thought I saw Sara across the street for a second. That stopped my heart. Must be losing my mind.

Can't pick up the music on the radio anymore. Don't know where it came from. Or when. Could be a 70 year old radio wave. OooOooooO


Roses are dead. Violets are, too. It hasn't rained yet. Everything's dying.

Quit staring at me. Not everyone can write a poem without sounding it out. Henry, not you, diary.

I've lost like ten pounds from a month of swapping Lucky Charms for fish.


Was feeling a little nostalgic, so I left some food stamps on the counter when I stole some Chex Mix.

And listen- about the whole lung cancer thing. I have the highest life expectancy on the planet.


I was the last one at the fire tonight, and I didn't last 2 minutes alone. Feel like there are crazies behind every corner.


I want to watch Boondock Saints.


Been working hard these past few days. They figured out my ineptness with tools, so of course I'm cleaning what feels like sewage instead.

Elise hasn't been around lately. I guess her mom made me out to be some kind of Knoxvillain.


Found a pair of those Dr Dre headphones. Yeah, I'm wearing them anyway.


Dear diary, you're the worst. I need to shake my paint cans again.

I think I'll slip out of town tonight and make a little mural

Oh God. Awful night.

I overheard Henry and the biker guys talking outside an apartment complex a few blocks away from Planetown tonight.

I watched for quite a while as they poured gasoline over the carpets in the lobby. Then they set fire to the building.

The fire spread way faster than I'd imagine. The group just stepped back and watched. Eventually a face appeared at a high window.

A terrified soul, crazed or not, was trapped by the fire. The gang just stood and watched til the whole building was consumed.

I need a gun.


Did not sleep well. I feel super paranoid now. Maybe the person in that building was a crazy killer, but they didn't seem like it.

Good thing George Martin finished writing Game of Thrones before the Flash.

Also, I'm terrified for my life.

Thought I saw Henry staring at me while I was cleaning. Took my dinner to go and hid out in my room for the night.


Do you belieeeve in life after a blinding Flash that murders everyone and renders technology unusable? I can feel something inside me say…


Planetown has this makeshift bomb shelter thing where they keep the weapons, food, etc. Only the road patrol is allowed to carry guns.

I found a moment when it wasn't being watched. I've got a handgun taped under my bed and my heart is still pounding.

I really feel like taking off. I don't know if I'm dealing with murderers here or psychos in the streets.

But who knows if I'll find people again.


I've got a weird feeling about today.

Zombies! Like a hundred of them!

April Fool's, diary! You'll believe anything I write. Can you imagine, though?

I feel like the biker gang is watching me and whispering.

Practicing holding a gun in my room. Safety off first. Everyone knows that.


Woke up twice in the middle of the night. Multiple dreams that my room was burning. I've got to get out of this place. I'll leave after dark