Chapter 3: The Highrise


Bob's Quick Mart $.99 Coffee, Any size Free smokes and Red Bull

Don't know why I keep checking for gender signs on bathrooms.

For a good time call 555-1234



New York City 10 The highway's full of dead cars

Apocyl Apocalypse Now


Clan 154 lives Fresh paint?




I made this luxury apartment smell like smoke. Sorry, dude.

Things that fall at the same rate: TV. Microwave. Beer bottle. Golf bag. Stones record. Shoes (any)


Christmas Eve and no snow. Times Square is just cars and bodies.

Waiting for Clarence the angel to show up and bring me back to my old life. Any minute now.


The ghost of apocalypse past came to show me the time I wiped out a whole anthill just for kicks. Sam the ant has it just as rough.

The ghost of apocalypse present pointed me to this bottle of champagne that's going to be extinct.

Apocalypse future has me wasted in a wasteland.

No snow and no Sara. It's just the 25th.


Still the only one in the world celebrating Boxing Day.


This penthouse is swanky enough to have darts. Time to get really good at darts.

I'm no art critic, but I think I smashed a Ming dynasty piece of pottery. I guess too much Red Bull = bad darts.


Whoah. I slept all day.


End of the world Candy Land. Setup: Discard game. Eat candy.

Spent the day building an inventory from the apartments on the top floor. Got all the canned food and booze I could find.


Further decking out my highrise fort. Rounded up all the best art from the apartments. Including one African fertility statue.

Oh my god there's someone walking in the street.

Just a clinically insane lady. Walking among corpses and laughing. I'm still alone.

Oh wow, the guy in 1102 won a bunch of Emmy's or something. Tony's?

End of the world bowling. You'll need: statuettes (Oscars, Emmys, etc). An autographed ball, presumably by a pro.


Woke up to a new year and still no snow.

New Year's resolutions: Find Sara. Quit Smoking. Survive

my Last can dle isgetting low


That crazy lady is back on the street again.

I've picked up so much loose cash from this building alone. Once, I get out of the Flash radius, I'll be rich.


It's a Bacardi and Coke kind of afternoon.

I think tomorrow I'll swing by the Met and draw mustaches on some 16th century French dudes.




I <3 Sara

All the single ladies. (All the single ladies). Damn it.

Here's the funny thing. Was thinking about killing myself two days before the Flash. Now I'm alive to figure out why me.

Woke up in the dark, hungover. :(


The D&G billboard across the street is turning me on.

Ok, even the McDonald's ad is getting me going. Time for a cold shower. Same as every day.


I get by with a little help from my friends. Jack and Marlbro.


I survive the end of the world and I poke my eye on a faucet.


I'm technically not talking to myself.


These walls are starting to look like a daycare's. Sorry, rich guy.


| |


It's January and still sunny. No precepitation (?) of any kind.


Loneleeee, I'm so loneleeee. I've got no bodyyyy…


Oh God, a bat flew in here, oh God, a bat a bat a bat.

I'm stuck in the hallway. All my stuffs in there. All the stuff I found from dead people.

That bat now has the most Emmy's of any animal.

How does everyone worth conversation die and a flying case of rabies winds up in my place?

I could move to a different building. Start over. It's just found stuff.

No way. Where else can I make a silk pillow fort?

There's a signed Louisville slugger over the fake fireplace. I figure 4 steps there before I can start swinging with fury and irony.

Here goes.

Well I broke the stained glass of the Led Zeppelin angel and a four vintage Coke glasses, but Bruce retreated into the vents.

I can't sleep in here tonight. Bruce could be anywhere

I guess I'll sleep in the dog-smell apartment. Other animals would fear that, right?

Can bats bite through two blankets?


Tiptoed back into the Fort. I don't see Bruce, but I know he's here.

Gonna snag a few books and pillows and read in the hall. I think I only have 4 books I haven't read here.


Can't believe I'd never read Gatsby til now. That guy had big things ahead of him.


There's a scratching inside the walls. I think. Bruce is giving me an ulcer.


There's a skyscraper engulfed in flames in the distance. Bad wiring? Spark? It's beautiful.


Been hurling for two days. Either something canned went bad or I'm missing something in my diet. I gotta start cooking.

Found a warm, flat liter of Sprite. Might help my stomach. Tomorrow I'll set up a cooking station on the street.


There are so many how-to topics I wish I could YouTube.

Maybe I could have paid attention when my dad was working on stuff instead of playing gameboy in my room.

Is the internet still even around? How does that work?


Just spent 20 minutes setting up Mousetrap and this jerk was missing a piece.


I found my Sharpie!

Room temp Red Bull is really helping me kick the habit. Too bad cigs don't expire. I'll be looting gas stations til my death of lung cancer


Haven't seen Bruce since his debut, but definitely not sleeping as well. Keeping the Bat Bat on hand at all times.

I'm calling BS on the Batman origin. You know that bat flew in and he was like "ew ew, kill it, kill it, ewww."


Cold-only showers are causing me to wait longer between cleaning. Who do I have to smell good for?


Woke up to an orange sky. Another building on fire. Maybe a mouse walked into a circuit breaker or something?

How did I find a set of horseshoes in a NYC highrise?

End of the world horseshoes. You'll need: horseshoes, a tall structure. Roof: 10 pts, windshield: 20. 50 pts if you couldn't have afforded.


Well crap. All my horseshoes are on balconies and phone wires. Deja vu…


Coughing up a lung. Gotta quit smoking.


I survive the end of the world and slip on a literal banana peel.


I know he's a flying, blood-sucking disease mouse, but I miss Bruce.


I think Sara would love this apartment. We'd be really happy here.


Tom Hanks was great.


Bruce is back! Die die die!

Alright, Bloodmouse. I'm going out for smokes. You've got til I get back to clear out. Consider yourself lucky.

No Bat Repellant at the convenience store. Hairspray + Lighter? No, I'm getting unstable here.

Clan 154 has been chosen to lead the way. This wasn't here a week ago?!

I know everyone's dead, but the fear of rabies from a bat is the worst thing ever.


I finally have the down time to learn a new language off my bucket list, but what's the point? Are other nations up and running?

Some snow would really help cover up all the wrecks and bodies. I'd probably sleep better, too.


Cereal out of the box and Calvin and Hobbes.

Wait, if the Flash was nuclear, have I just been taking icy radiation showers?


Hi, neighbor. I knocked, but no one answered. Just checking to see if you had any sugar. I'm making sugar water. I'm just across the hall.

PS Smells like someone died in there. Might want to check that out. -Sam

Just remembered the Super Bowl would have been by now. I wonder what commercials I missed.


This bathroom needs to get cleaned. Can't just keep moving every time a place gets dirty.