Chapter 17: Radio


F+2. Two years since it all started.

Ok let's get this out of the way. I'm thankful I somehow kept my dog alive for another year.

I'm thankful Leia's not here to nag me anymore.

Thankful for the primo cabin I found. Thankful for a liquor cabinet.

Thankful for... Hm.

Yeah. I... Nothin.

I'm advance thankful for finding Sara some day. I guess.

Stay warm, everybody. You made it this far.


My spray paint penmanship has improved. I guess I care more when I'm warning survivors than when I'm flaunting authority.

Although cops are still pigs.


Some crazy horror movie fog just rolled in around the cabin.

Flash mutants could be lumbering just out of sight. Every branch rustle is a warning.

No no Dallas don't run out there!!

Come on, girl. Don't do this to me.

She's not back. I don't hear anything. Come on.

I don't even know what direction to go in.

Damn the early darkness. She could've fallen in a hole twenty feet away.

I can't eat. I don't want to.

She's not back. I've got to call it a night, not that I can sleep.

Dallas if you leave me I'll have absolutely no one.



The fog has cleared, but it's still grey out. Time to put on some layers and limp out into the woods.

Covered some wide circles. No sign. Why would she run off? Did I yell at her? Maybe she went to find Leia.


Another day wasted. I can only hope she comes back.


Found her!

Thank the Horsemen. I was almost done.

She's taking off again! Come on!

Oh she wants me to follow. Ok, I guess. Let me get my coat.

Turns out Dallas found a wrecked car on the highway. Yeah I know all the cars wrecked. But this body's fresh.

Some poor lady was recently alive. She went off the road somehow. We scared away a flock of birds from the car. Vultures or something.

Poor lady. All covered in broken glass and bird poop. Made it this far and now…

Wow, her radio works, too.

Turned the dial all the way around. No one broadcasting. Doesn't hurt.

I feel bad about leaving this lady, but if I buried everyone I saw that would be my full time job. Sorry.

I'll just see what she has to offer. She would have wanted to help, I feel.

Too bad I can't take this car. Cute little thing. Smashed beyond belief. And, uh, stick shift.

Not much here other than food- sleeping bag, the usual. And a napkin. With writing...

"Two guys- Vancouver?" Then Vancouver crossed out. Then a radio frequency. Hm. I'd better hang on to this.


Trying to see if Dallas can replicate her escape- maybe find a live body this time. But she just sits on the porch and looks at me with love


Still no snow. I really hope we don't have another weird winter.

I'm still not ready. Haven't found much besides a liquor store and a little mini market with like crap snacks.

Which would give me like two fun days and then I'd shrink away.

Basically, I need to prep for winter NOW.


Ugh I think I need to leave this perfect cabin. I wouldn't have enough to last the winter.

But I like it. :(

That lady's note said Vancouver. Maybe there are people there. I need a map.


Roaming out of Wyoming, but I have big Idahopes.

Bye, cabin. So unfair.

It's a bit chilly for a motorcycle. Starting to rethink this.


Making good time through Idaho. Feeling the pressure. I do not want to be camping in the snow. There better be people in Vancouver.

I should find Dallas one of those awkward plaid dog coats. No one but me would see it…


Expected to see a lot more potatoes so far. I guess I don't know what the plant looks like.


Grey sky and whipping winds. Awful day for a bike ride.

So far Idaho is stupid.


It's a little pretty. Also scared of this winter. Leia was way better at handling this.

Just about half an inch stuck, leaving the roadside pines looking like a painting of winter.

But the cold always makes my leg hurt and I'm starving.

Next van we find we're sleeping in.


Snow's still on the ground. I've learned my lesson about driving too fast.

Last night was cold. It's gonna be bad if temperatures drop. Can't just sleep in every wrecked car.


Hasn't snowed again, but bitter, bitter cold. I can't be biking in this. Grounded for today.

I'll try that radio frequency again.

Still no signal. I'd even take easy listening at this point.

Sorry, I'm sorry. No way. That's crazy.


Temp is dropping. Might not make Vancouver this year.


Oregon! Or-uh-gen. Origin. O-regan.

Biking in short bursts, for as long as I can stand it. Bundled tight. Radio on to catch any signals.

Super grey sky. Getting nervous.

The snow is really coming down. Resting in the maintenance shed by this toll booth.

Snow is piling up. I may be stuck in this shed all winter.

Here, Dallas. Last treat left until we find more. Shhh. I know.

Well, if I'm frozen solid before the end of the week, Merry Apocsmas.


I lived. Overreacted again.

Another one of those numbers with decimal point stickers on a car. What does it mean?!

Dallas is eating snow. What a dope.


Times are tight this year. Just one small gift each, ok, girl?


Spent the day with the radio on. Static all day. Then the batteries ran out.

Tomorrow I'll need to keep moving. Slowly. There are a few inches of snow. No plows to save me.


Christmas blew. Low on food. Sorry, Dallas. I'm a terrible parent. And not just this week.

I honestly can't believe I've kept you alive this long. I'm not a dog person. Or a responsible person.

And you're lucky this isn't a movie. The dog gets killed all the time for an easy tear.

I guess what I'm trying to say is stick with me and I'll keep doing my best.

In a few months we'll be in Cali and everything will be ok. Sara will love you.


I've stopped counting years based on January's, but for all you Gregorians out there in the cold, maybe drop a disco ball or something.