Chapter 16: Oregon Trail


So I had an interesting summer.

A lot has happened, follower that never speaks up or finds me.

I didn't kill myself. I thought about it for a little bit. But then I got worried that hell was this exact thing but with no Dallas or Sara.

So I got out into this state park. Learned to live off the land. Hunted a few animals. Real mountain man stuff.

Well, I found a few fully stocked campers.

Gave up graffiti for a while. I just get tired of talking to no one. But what if this is my legacy? There could still be someone.

So I found some paint and sharpies in the ranger's shack, and I'm back.

Thanks for waiting for me. Sara. Everyone else. I feel like you're getting close.

I won't leave you again. -Sam


Oh my gosh I missed Halloween. My favorite holiday and I'm busy surviving and growing as a person.

Not that I had costume materials available. Just way too long hair and dirty clothes.

Though there are a few park ranger costumes available.


Guess I've gotta get out of Wyoming. Head wester. Beautiful state, though.

Hey, Dallas, we're on the Oregon Trail. I mean, maybe. Spiritually.

And we've lost people off our wagon. Not to dysentery. Maybe just disinterest.

Maybe if you did more than bark, you could liven things up. Keep people in our team. I'm doing all the charm work.

Don't look at me like that. She left me, too.

Well, let's circle the wagons.

11/4 Can't believe it's been a


two years since the Flash. I've given up conspiracy theories about the cause. Nuclear, act of God…

I've also given up the government flying in to save me. I've been all over this country. Nothin'.

Glad I never got into Twitter. I would have wasted so much time crafting cute little sayings that all got wiped out.

My biggest fear is that somehow, somewhere I've written the same joke twice.


Back on the road. Bye, huge, beautiful land.

The days are certainly shorter. Can't travel far in the dark.

Should I have set my broken clock back yet?


I hope Leia finds a built, handsome dude with survival talent, good listening skills, communication, tenderness, and respect.

And that he leaves her hanging with some piss poor excuse about compatibility and going different directions.

And if you think that sentiment is petty, know that I've already grown a lot as a person.


That cold bite is definitely back in the air. I think winter is coming. Normal old winter.

Fall looks really amazing in this country.

Some kind of mottled orange camo Flash mutant would do well here. I should watch out.

Practicing quick drawing my katana, just to get back into the habit. Pull and spin.

I want to be able to put my sword like half an inch from this scarecrow's neck.



Dallas caught a beaver. No figure of speech. Dead, bloated beaver.

Did you kill that thing or find it? You can't keep it.



If I think about it, it's a miracle I'm alive. So many random ways to bite it in the world.

People are fragile. A little disease or a tree falling over, and that's it.

I hope Nick and Leia didn't just get hit by an unavoidable object or something on the road.

Now I'm just sad, because they're all dead to me from here on out, anyway. Deep.

Sorry, girl. Didn't mean to get so heady. Bones. Tennis balls. Licking yourself.


Found a sweet cabin for the night.

Funny how in the east, cabins in the woods are horror locations, but out west they're a retirement dream.

Liquor cabinet, pool table, kitchen with wood stove, wraparound porch. Knock a little off the price for the rotting body, and I'll take it.

I guess my long-term strategy paid off. Quit school, hang around, not die, stumble upon a $750,000 place.

My mom was way off. Eat my shorts, mom.

Hey a radio. Wonder if it works. Haven't played with one of these for over a year.

Can't pick up any signals, but it never hurts to try.

There's like thousand year old scotch in this cabinet.

I say. Cheers.

Bangbang Maxwels silver hammer


I went way too long without drinking. Sickest I've ever been.

I wanna die. Again.

Dallas, bury me out back.

Hey, Dallas. Don't make it weird. Take a barf pail and catch my throw up. Remember to dump it out in the creek. Then you can start to

Bleah. Make it better.

Na na na nananana. Hey, Dallas.


Feeling much better. Thank you, everyone.

This guy had top of the line imported coffee beans. I'm assuming. Nice bag.

I could get used to this. Sara- come meet me here instead.


If aliens came and try to find out how we lived pre-Flash, my house would confuse them.

Writing on walls, shooting range with glass bottles, samurai sword lying around. Comic book sketches of Leia as a mutant superhero.

Although I myself am already a contradiction. Can't get over a girl that's not my type at all, and own a dog when I'm not a dog person.

And I was spared when I wanted to die. How fair is that for everyone else?


Geese are flying south again. Where did all the geese hide before the Flash? Did they have some kind of instinct?

I think this cabin will do nicely for the winter. Although I will need to find the nearest town to stock up on cans.

And chop wood? There's a stove. Time to learn this new life skill. With one bad leg and no assistance.

Whoah my hands are way messed up already.


Ow my back. I chopped wood wrong.

Nick would've known the best way to do things around the cabin. He probably left cause Leia was so unbearable.

I'll have to see if I can find a town tomorrow and get you some dog food.


It is nippy out to be riding a motorcycle.

Just a few scattered houses here and there. I'd really prefer to find a town. Hope I'm going in the right direction.

WELCOME TO IDAHO No kidding. I didn't know I was so close to the border.

Well, good to know when it's time to keep migrating.

Had to turn back for tonight. It got dark. I'll try a different road tomorrow.


Last day of F+1. Can't believe two years ago today I had work in the morning.

Also can't believe they were making me work thanksgiving.