Chapter 11: First Winter


One year ago, my dad died, all my neighbors died, my boss died, and rock music died.

This has been the worst year of my life.

And what should I be thankful for? I'm a cat person and I'm stuck with a dog. I'd rather smoke a cig with Nick yet I've got Cranky here.

Protein bars for thanksgiving feast. I'm stuffed.


Just saw a V of geese. Didn't know there were geese. Does this mean we're back to normal winter?


I still won't poop in a stall that doesn't lock.


Back in Illinois. I'm going in circles. Big ones, slowly.

Sham Knoxshville. I miss Sean Connery.

It's after thanksgiving. I guess I can start sending out my Christmas cards.

Leia doesn't want a Christmas card. Dallas didn't answer when asked. Shouldn't have printed 250.


I had a dream that Leia and I had a baby together. Which is obviously impossible.

She would be the worst mom, banning candy and TV and putting kids to bed by 6pm.

She's not bad to look at, though.


Stopping for real beds and a cold shower in St. Louis. Tires need air, too.

We're coming up on my second Apocsmas. First one I'll have to pick gifts for.


Can't decide what to dress up as for Christmas.

I basically just celebrate two halloweens.


My bad leg is getting stiff on and off. Which is an old person way of saying there's a terrible blizzard comin'.


Leia always liked Nick better than me. I dunno why she's riding with me if she's just gonna keep quiet all the time.

My dog has been doing a ton of walking.


(mMm) nananananananana

A whole neeeew woooooorld

I'm losing my mind.


We're too exhausted to keep this up. Taking a day or two at this Hilton to recover.

I've claimed the first floor rooms (handicapped). Leia can have the second floor.

Leia said eff that and moved in next door.

Decimated the vending machine to get the last couple Red Bulls. It's been a while.


Oh. There are two bike racks. Here they are.

In the first months of the Flash, pools were always a gamble. Now even if there's no bodies, they're all thick with algae.


Leia found Monopoly in the game room and brought it to my room. Sure, just random rolling and moving sounds like a great time.

This place is pretty big. Found the key to the maid's closet and... It's loaded with mints!!!


A good night's sleep on hotel beds is working wonders. I feel like reconciling with my mom and doing some community service or something.

I had way too many mints. My mouth feels gross.


We *should* get back on the road, but I'm just too comfortable.

I am in Missouri. There ain't nobody who can comfort me. Holy crap, he rhymes "me" three times.


Damn, this guy died and propped open the elevator door.

I feel like I keep hearing spooky noises around the hotel. I heard something drop in a different room down the hall.

I assumed Dallas was nosing around, but then Leia brought her back from a walk.


Christmas shopping post-apoc is impossible. How do you buy for the woman that can loot everything?


We'll at least stay here for Christmas.

What if one of us goes Shining-type crazy having this huge place to ourselves?

Leia yelled at me just for knocking on her door. The cabin fever is starting.


Having found nothing worthwhile in the little gift shop, I have no choice but to make a Christmas gift.

Found a stack of printer paper. I'm gonna make Leia a comic book.

I sketched her a couple times. Made her look better for the comic. Bigger boobs.

Finished the comic book. Six pages with sketch art, a three act structure, and a moral. It's ok for a day's work.

I'm keeping it in a pillowcase under my bed. I'm keeping my samurai sword in reach. If the Grinch shows up I'm taking his head.


Had a nightmare about fighting off zombie Santa and elves in the hotel. Now I can't get back to sleep.

Leia won't come out of her room. Guess it's stale doughnuts alone.

Hung some of the fall leaf decorations on a collapsed umbrella. Tree.

Found some dog treats behind the front desk for Dallas. This was a great hotel.

Once it rained I kind of assumed snow would be next. But why would I get a Christmas miracle after the Flash.

Leia made me an R2-D2 blanket! She etched in the blue lines and everything!

Instant oatmeal by the fire for Christmas dinner. Wish you were here, Sara.

Merry Apocsmas, everyone. Maybe next year will be better.


The temp dropped like 20 degrees.

Seriously, this is the coldest it's been in two years. We had to round up extra blankets.



A thin layer came overnight. We have snow, ladies and dogs.

Dallas has been skipping cheerfully in the snow, snapping at flakes. Leia and I are watching from the comfort of the breakfast room.


I was freezing last night. This is bs.


Haven't needed a coat in over a year, so faced with the unseemly task of looking through dead people's.

Took a quick walk in the snow with Leia. She's been making me take walks so I don't atrophy. My new therapist.


Last day of the year. My old calendar ran out. I gotta make one by hand.

If society ever reforms, we won't use Jan 1 to mark years. It'll be F-Day.

I have no way of knowing when midnight is so i'll just go ahead and say it. Happy New Year. Let's find more people this year.


This year looks as desolate as the last.


Well that didn't last. Warm and rainy again. This snow will be gone tonight.

This big old place is so boring. All the board games are from the 50's. The lobby has a huge, black tv.


The moon is huge tonight. I don't get out at night enough.


Cold again. Brace yourselves- memes died a while ago.


It's cold. Didn't even need photos of dashboard thermometers on facebook to tell me.

I'm trying to start my own social media up again. Samspace.

Went over and "poked" my first friend. She punched me in the arm.

With Samspace, it's easy! Just write on walls to communicate!


The wall writing gimmick isn't catching on. Next idea is tying strings to each person on my social media, so we stay connected.

Another arm punch and a scurrying away. You determine who did what.


I just wish I could show Leia one of the Age of Empires.

Is heaven just full of billions of Americans watching me going "Come on! Get it together!"


I'm back to sleeping in later. Dunno if I can blame my leg, but I don't feel like doing anything anymore.

Just used my last cigarette. I already checked everyone's coat pockets on the first floor.


These stairwells are tough for me. But I gotta see if there are smokes on the second floor. Leia won't help me.



Finally found a cigarette hidden on the maid cart. Only took two days.

This my last one, though.

Dallas, how did you quit smoking?


Ok I'll smoke all the cigs on the second floor. Then I'll have to stop.


I wish I could get another tattoo. It'd probably get infected, anyway.

Wolverine tearing through my arm. That would be cool.

I really feel like I'm in a month of mondays.


It's really, really cold. I thought we had a deal, nature. You let me live and you make the weather nice. Fair and square.


Leia and I agreed to stay here until the snow melts. We'd freeze out there. Stay inside this winter, Sara.


It's not even February yet and I already feel the Valentine's pressure.


If our bodies are made out of different stuff every 7 years, why do I have my high school tattoo? I really want to know. Scientists?


End of the world Pac-man: run through the kitchen eating all the donuts.


Had a dream it was the end of the semester and I never went to class. Woke up and everyone is dead. Relieved.

Tried to light a fire in the lobby fireplace. Turns out it's fake and now we've got smoke everywhere.


Managed not to burn down my second hotel, but it's still super smoky in here. Leia doesn't seem to be letting that go.