Malcolm NygardWriter, Apoc GraffitiCo-Host, Apoc Radio

I don’t know. I’ll put a funny line at the top, then just talk about how I’m into music and movies and stuff. You could probably make it up. Something about how hard I worked on the project and how excited I am about this. Just make me sound good. You know what, forget it. I’ll write something when I get time.

Justin VignolaCo-Host, Apoc Radio

You are now reading a paragraph from another dimension, a place crafted by science, films, music, and nerd culture. It’s a place where being like everybody is the same as being nobody, and also doesn’t matter. It’s a place where good ideas get lost and gifts become curses. That’s not fair. This is a world of one man’s mind, and he doesn’t wear glasses, so that won’t be a problem. This is an area which we call... the Justin Zone.

Denenenu denenenu…

Andrew DarwinSite Design and Tech

Andrew does most of the work around here, throwing together a website for a guy who couldn’t even spell “www,” and making all the crucial design decisions while the other guys are writing “hilarious” “comedy.” To say he is underpaid is an insult to people that actually earn a wage. The minute he catches his big break he is out of here.

Arthur NygardArtwork and Music

Arthur’s a highschooler that teaches himself animation, graphic design, and music composition when he’s not doing stupid homework. Lame, right? Anyway, he’s probably gonna be really rich for doing this stuff some day.


Malcolm and Justin use the Blue Snowball microphone for all recording. For a mid-range price, it produces a great sound, and has options for multi-directional recording for picking up audio in a crowd.